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Here's a snippet of code inspired by this page, on an minor technical feature of the email server I work with on a regular basis.


sub hashdir($) {
  my ($orig) = @_;
  my $hashval = 0;

  foreach my $char (split(//,$orig)) {
    use integer;
    $hashval = $hashval*31 + ord($char);
  $char1 = $hashval & 0xf;
  $hashval = $hashval >> 4;
  $char2 = $hashval & 0x7;
  $hashval = $hashval >> 3;
  $char3 = $hashval & 0xf;
  $hashval = $hashval >> 4; 
  $char4 = $hashval & 0x7;
  return sprintf ("%x%x/%x%x/", $char1, $char2, $char3, $char4);

print hashdir($ARGV[0]), "\n";
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My work project where I wanted a list of names has been completed. I chose moons of the solar system as a theme, and picked nine of them - luna, phobos, deimos, io, europa, ganymede, callisto, titan, iapetus.
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As many of you may know, my day job is to administer the email servers for a large computer company. I also run a small server at home that does email and DNS, and acts as a backup for [livejournal.com profile] digitalsidhe. Recently, we had some incidents that highlight problems with anti-spam blacklists.

Wherin I ramble about blacklists )

The bottom line for me is this: Knowing all the pitfalls of blacklists, I'm still going to use them. All the positives (immediate rejection, order of magnitude reduction in work scanning message text) far outweigh the potential negatives.
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Apparently today is "Wear your Pajamas to Work Day". And wouldn't you know it, that today I actually took a shower and got dressed? Normally, I don't bother getting dressed, as nobody sees me ...
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You know that you don't have a typical work environment when:

  1. You get your boss buzzed on mead

  2. He then sends you a SMS you at 11:35 PM, saying "Vodka shots?"

  3. You proceed to drink vodka on the rocks with him for the next couple of hours

  4. While having your in-person one on one meeting.

I like my boss. He's a cool guy.
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