Mar. 14th, 2006 04:12 pm
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OK, I know that I got all excited about the snow we got Friday night. However, that was just a fakeout ... the real thing happened Sunday morning.

We woke up after 9 AM, and were just getting going when I notice something odd out the window. The neighbor's roof is covered in snow! I throw open the blinds, and are stunned to see the back yard covered with a blanket of white. The kids are all excited, so we have a quick breakfast, and go outside to play and make a snowman.

From measuring accumulation at various points, it looks like at least three inches dumped on us.

The snow pretty much melted over the course of the day ... and by Monday morning, about all that was left was a small pile where the snowman was.

However, today (tuesday) the weather gets wild again ... and we have a nasty sleet/hail/snowstorm, and the yard is covered in white again.
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It's wet. Our yard is flooded, with standing water in the rocky side yards as well as on the back lawn. The house we bought for George to sleep in is flooded, he's probably been sleeping in a nest he has under the trees.

The good news is that while water is all over the back yard, it drains quickly and the storm drains are doing their jobs. And the rain is slowing down, we had a bit of sun.

We were supposed to go to San Jose today to celebrate the birthday of Corwin's best friend Thomas. We wimped out. All of us are fighting colds, and I do not enjoy driving in a downpour with heavy winds, like happened today and is forecast for tomorrow.
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Saturday was a good day. It got off to a slow start, with Kjersti sleeping until noon. However, once we did get up and going, we loaded the kids into the bicycle seat and trailer, and took off for the coffeehouse.

I think that the distance is about 3.5 miles. It still takes us about an hour to get there - and most of the time is spent going up this one loooong hill. Valkyrie and I aren't in good shape, so we walked the bicycles up it. The kids were good, and mostly patient - they got some fun with the ups and downs, and took the long slow part in stride.

An hour plus of playing at the coffeehouse later, the ride back went more quickly - what's one long hard trudge uphill becomes a fast glide back down, and there's really only one section on the return where we have to get off the bikes and walk.

I think this season is Cameron Park and the Sierra foothills at their best ... the weather not too hot, not too cold, the air is nice and clean, and the views are great. We are enjoying the days here now.
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