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To all of you Americans out there who gave me a present and voted for a democrat yesterday, thanks!

While there looks to be a feud shaping up in Virgina about who is going to be their senator, it all looks good, and looks like the President is going to have to actually build a bi-partisan concensus, rather than giving that lip service and running a one-party show.

I'll note that my neighbors don't like me that much, they didn't give me the present I wanted. My house district (CA-04) re-elected the incumbent republican, and the democratic challenger is staying home, dissappointed. Although with a name like "Charlie Brown" who wouldn't want him in congress? The humor potential is great!
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So it's my birthday today.

Here's what I want as a present - I want you to vote. I want you to vote for the Democrat running for your house district.

The year 2000 was the last time my birthday fell on election day. And I can tell you, it was a crappy birthday. What everyone gave me for a present was six weeks of chaos while Florida couldn't decide who was going to be president - and then they gave us one of the worst presidents possible, who couldn't even carry the popular vote, and who has done massive amounts of harm to this country.

I'd like for all of you to at least partially make it up this time. I really don't expect that Democrats controlling the Congress will be able to make up for all the damage done, but at least it should be better. And it won't just hand the person who thinks he is the King of the United States everything he wants.
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