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Despite one big sucky thing going on in my life (being RIFed), life is overall good. And, while not having a job is no fun, it's being done in a way that gives me quite a cushion, and some time to find a new job.

Right now, I'm in effect on a paid vacation, until the middle of January. At that point, I get a chunk of money, pretty much equal to four months of salary - plus accumulated vacation. So call it close to six months salary. Assuming that nothing goes well, I have money to live on until sometime in the middle of next year.

My prospects for finding a job are good. There's one place where I'm going to interview next week that would be a fantastic opportunity - I'm hoping they make me an offer, and we can work out a way for me to work there. If that doesn't work, there are several groups at my old employer who might be convinced to hire me. And if none of that works - well, I've got quite a few friends who have contacts at lots of good companies, and I can start working the network. I'm smart, I'm skilled, and for that I'm thankful.

My wife - I'm very glad to have her. She's been great, and very supportive. Right now, she's taking the kids to the thanksgiving feast where their grandparents are. I'm grateful that she was understanding that the last thing I need right now is to spend a whole day talking about my state of joblessness.

My kids are a source of much joy. Kjersti is such a cute little sweetie, and when I look at Corwin I feel like I'm looking at myself at his age. It's a source of much introspection into my childhood, what went right and what went wrong.

I'm grateful that Corwin is getting along so well at his school, and that he's making friends there. And through the friends he is making, we are connecting with other parents in the community - making friends ourselves.

I'm grateful that today was such lovely weather. My motorcycle ᚱ (Raidô) and I had a nice trip up through the foothills. I'm glad to have that bike, and that despite my not riding it enough, it's in great shape.

I'm glad that I have great friends. Yes, I mean all of you out there that are reading this through LiveJournal, and many others.
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