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I have done my best to keep this post spoiler free.

Yes, I have participated in the worldwide frenzy of book buying and book reading this weekend. Starting in June, I set myself a goal of seeing all the previously released movies before seeing the current release, and of reading all the previously release books before buying and reading the current release. Sadly, I didn't quite achieve my goal - work and life interfered with me getting enough leisure time.

On the movies - I saw movies 1 - 3, 5, then 4. Valkyrie managed to watch 1-4 before our date to see movie 5 together. My main impression is that the scriptwriter had a very difficult problem - he had to mercilessly edit out plot lines and characters that couldn't fit into the movie. The movie was an interesting mix of scenes made up for the movie, to fit in important plot points while slicing out unimportant ones; and scenes lifted directly, verbatim, from the book. The movie did an adequate job.

On the books - I read books 1-4, was somewhere in the middle of 5 when I saw the movie, then got back to reading. By the time Valkyrie and I went to the release party at our local Borders, I was a few chapters into book 6.

The local Borders was only selling a book to you if you had pre-ordered, and they gave out wristbands with a number on it, indicating your place in line. I estimate that there were around 900 pre-orders, and somewhat more than that number of people there to pick them up. The crowd and line was amazing. We stuck it out until we got our hands on our copy, around 2AM on saturday.

I picked up the pace on reading, and finished book 6 early Sunday morning, and book 7 at about 3 AM Monday.

Personally, I think books 6 and 7 are the best of the series. In book 6, the author finally really digs into the story, and starts to lay out this complex web of narratives that bring the story together. In book 7, the pace picks up, and all these disparate elements littered through the first five books get slammed together to finally finish the story. It seems clear to me that from day one of the first book, the author had a clear outline in mind of what shape the story would take, and put many elements in that book that get brought into focus and explained in the final book.

Personally, I found the ending, and the last chapter, satisfying. Yes, it was telegraphed from book one. More I should not say.
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