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Yesterday (Friday) was Corwin's last day of kindergarten. Way back when he had his first day of kindergarten I mentioned that he started chatting with the girl sitting across from him. Well, that girl is Casey, and she became a good friend of Corwin's. Here are pictures of the two of them, on the first and last days of Kindergarten.

Corwin was the youngest in his class. Casey isn't more than two months older than him - yet she's noticeably taller.

Of course, Corwin passed Kindergarten. His report card was a whole bunch of plusses (performing at level) and one check (improving toward standard.) The check was because he doesn't always pay attention to tasks in class. He also got told that he needs to work on his handwriting. Neither of these things are surprising to me, or unexpected. Five year old boys will have short attention spans and bad handwriting.

Right now, Corwin is sitting on my lap, watching me type this. I fully expect that in a few years, he can safely forget how to write, and just learn to type - like I have.
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We picked Corwin up on time, and he had a big grin on his face, and said he had fun.

He drew something that looked vaguely like him as a dinosaur with a green and orange backpack.

When we dropped Corwin off, Kjersti came with us - Valkyrie and I both wanted to be there, so it became a family expidition. I carried Kjersti back to the car, and when we got there, she said very somberly "Kjersti miss Corwin".
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Today, we dropped Corwin off for his first day of Kindergarten.

He seemed fine with it, and started chatting with the girl sitting across the table from him right away.

Valkyrie and I are a bit emotional with a big swirl of mixed feelings - this is quite a milestone for him, marking the transition from no official stuff to do day to day, to school five days a week. This is a big day.
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