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The new MacBook Pro arrived yesterday morning. The rest of the day was spent putzing with it.

So far, I'm very impressed with Rosetta. I've got a few PowerPC only apps that I use constantly (like Mulberry), and they work just fine. Most apps that I use regularly are now Universal, so very few things have to be run in emulation.

Yesterday felt a bit like Christmas, since three other things showed up in the afternoon - new business cards (which I forgot to put a title on), a iGo power adapter for all my small portable stuff, and a Tom Bihn Brain Bag for my laptop. My one reservation about this backpack so far is that it is big. As in maybe too big to stuff under an airplane seat.

This completes the binge of ordering to replace everything stolen.

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Corwin, being a kid, doesn't necessarily track what is going on off in Adult world.  I'm sure he has been hearing Valkyrie and I talking about the theft of my backpack, and how this one simple act has been looming over my life since it happened.  But I'm also certain he doesn't understand it, or pay attention most of the time.

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When I was first surveying the damage in the car, I felt some relief at the things not taken.

I have a small bag that I carry with me (like a woman's purse, except MANLY!  :-) ).  That was left on the seat - the only thing in it was my bluetooth headset.  I'm glad the headset was still there, I had lost my last one and this headset is new.

I bought the day before a nice leather jacket - that was still on the back seat.

I had enough forethought to take my iPod, phone and wallet into the restaurant, so I didn't have to deal with those things stolen too.

Also, I have a backup of my hard drive at home.  So not all data is lost.  The backup isn't the most recent, a couple of weeks old, but that's much better than none.
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Last night, my laptop computer was stolen.  I had rented a car to go on a business trip, and parked outside a restaurant, and left my backpack with laptop (and a bunch of other stuff inside) on the front seat.  The window was smashed, my backpack taken, and someone else's bag dumped inside.

I've been lucky in that my laptop was a company owned machine, and my boss immediately agreed to replace it (with a new Mac Book Pro!).

But I still have a mountain of other hassles to deal with.
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