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This night, at dinner, Valkyrie and I were grumbling about what a mess the legislature in California is, an how destructive it was to the state that they didn't pass a budget for about three months. Valkyrie was recounting how various state employees were getting furloughed, or getting their pay cut, and she said "I bet the legislators aren't getting their pay cut." Also, we should hit them where it hurt - their wallets.

I a burst of insight, I said "Don't cut their pay - get them where it really counts - campaign contributions."

So here's a proposal for a state initiative:

For every day in the current fiscal year that the state is operating without a budget, every member of the state legislature must forfeit one percent of their gross campaign contributions for that fiscal year into the state general fund.

In other words - if the budget is 50 days late, that's 50% of the campaign contributions forfeited to the general fund.

What do you think?
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