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This meme has been fascinating. The server hosting it seems to have had a meltdown (not surprising, the LJ effect must be somewhat like being slashdotted.) Before it went away, I noticed that a few other people filled mine out, and there was a result worth commenting on.

This thing has a grid of adjectives, many of which are very close in meaning. So it's no big surprise that the six you pick for yourself may not completely overlap with six others pick for you. What can be a surprise is the ones that other people pick that are nothing close to the ones you pick for yourself. And in that, you may get an interesting insight.

In my case, the one big surprise, is that an adjective multiple people picked to describe me was Friendly. If the server ever manages to recover, you should be able to see what I'm talking about here.

I am pleased that you -- my friends, people I like and have respect for -- think that I'm a friendly person. But honestly, all of you are missing a huge part of my personality - the cranky grouch that distrusts and dislikes most other people. You may not see it, because my first reaction to people I don't like is to shutdown and withdraw from the situation. However, pushed in the wrong way, I can get quite prickly and unpleasant. Also, I do not warm up to people easily.

One of the adjectives I chose to describe myself was introverted. This is not quite the opposite of friendly, but I do see my introversion and lack of friendliness as being related.
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