Jun. 12th, 2007 03:38 pm
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Yes, I own two vehicles pretty much for my own exclusive use. A Mazda MX-5 Miata, and a Honda Pacific Coast. Both of them were new when bought. Both are red.

I've had the Miata for just over four months, and have put over 10K miles on it already.

I've had the Pacific Coast for just under ten years, and yesterday the odometer hit 16K.


If I can remember right, it was about four or five years ago when the odometer on the Pacific Coast hit 15K. Oh yeah, having kids cut severely into the time I have to go riding. I'm finally starting to ride it more, since I have a 40-mile commute to the nearer office, and have a goal of riding it once a week.

Somehow, the mental barriers I have to overcome when riding the Pacific Coast are much, much higher than the barriers to riding the Miata.

Let's see - to ride the Pacific Coast to work, I need to put on:
  1. Motorcycle boots
  2. Jeans (in cold or wet weather, I'll supplement this with motorcycle pants)
  3. Motorcycle Jacket
  4. Backpack (my laptop goes everywhere with me in this)
  5. Helmet
  6. Gloves

And then, I don't have any music or radio to listen to while I drive. I've tried to set up a bike-mounted audio system with speakers and a microphone in my helmet, but it's required an insane amount of fiddling and isn't working that well right now. I tried to have a system where I could make and receive phone calls, but that rarely worked at all.

Whereas, to drive the Miata, I need to put on:
  1. Something on my feet. Sandals and no socks are fine.
  2. Jeans or shorts, just as long as they aren't torn.
  3. A shirt
  4. Something to hold my hair back if I want the top down

Backpack gets tossed in the trunk, and I've got a nice stereo system, 6-CD changer, and my iPod all integrated.

Plus, the Miata has about a 300 mile range on one tank, and is reasonably comfortable to drive for hours. The Pacific Coast has about a 150 mile range on one tank, and after driving it for an hour, my hand feels like it is falling asleep, and my knees are complaining.

I'm very lucky to have the choice of two fun vehicles to drive whenever I want. And despite the disadvantages, I don't want to give up the Pacific Coast - I do enjoy riding it. After I spend the 15 minutes needed to get ready.
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