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Yesterday, in our little excursion to Old Town Sacramento and the train museum, I bought Corwin a very cheap kite. It came in a hard plastic circular pouch about two inches in diameter. This made him very happy and excited, and he was carrying it around calling it his "Badge".

Today, we went to the nearby park, and flew our kites. I have one similar to Corwin's, only a bit bigger, and with a long tail. There wasn't a lot of wind, but enough to hold these kites in the air.

Corwin did great with the kite. I was very pleased. He held on to the little winder with the string, wound and unwound the string, ran to get it into the air ... ran quite a bit, too. And had a lot of fun flying the kites. I had fun too, and Valkyrie grabbed the camera to get this snap of us playing together.

After we finished up with the kites, we headed back to the playground on the other side of the parking lot. I noticed a patch of ground between the parking lot and the soccer field smouldering, and the couple who was playing soccer standing by it, kicking at it. They claimed that it was started with a cigarette, and seemed to have a plan to put it out ... so I went on to the playground and watched Corwin play there for a while.

When we were ready to leave, I noticed that the fire was not out, and that the guy who was playing soccer had dissappeared, leaving the girl kicking balls into the goal. They had apparently tried to kick a circle of dirt around the smouldering fire, to act as a firebreak, without really putting it out. Not wanting to leave the ground smouldering (and noticing besides that the firebreak wasn't working very well) I fished around for a way to put it out. Nearby was a water fountain - an empty water bottle would get water from there to the fire. Also nearby was a trash can with empty water bottles - check, all that is needed. Three or four round trips to the water fountain later, I'm pretty sure the fire is really, completely, out.

Now we leave, with my concience clear. However, just to be on the safe side, we stop by the fire department (it's on the way to the grocery store) and tell them that there was a fire there. They say "oh yeah, we know that place, it happens all the time" and that they would send a engine right over.
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