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It turns out that last Saturday a teacher at Corwin's school was killed when a car rammed hers at a mall in Folsom where we go frequently.

The school told all the students about this, and sent a note home. So Corwin knew about it, and I got him to talk about it some.

He still doesn't know about our friend that passed, and we haven't told him that there won't be a cousin for him to play with yet. I figure that he's not likely to remember that we told him about the cousin, but if he asks we can tell him the truth.

Something strange was going on last weekend with people we know ... Yes, people die, and this stuff happens all the time - but that's three events with people close to us in a really short time.

A sad note

Jan. 14th, 2007 02:50 pm
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Yesterday, a friend of the family, Cindy Bonner (also known to her friends in the SCA as Rhiannon Lowery), passed away.

[livejournal.com profile] patsmor has a good posting on this here. [livejournal.com profile] cnewsonsmith has her posting here.

Valkyrie and Rhiannon (as Cindy was known in the SCA) were both apprenticed to Mistress Seelie. We took the kids to visit Mistress Seelie over Christmas - I know, I haven't posted anything about that or the cutenesses commited then, but it was a fun time. We last saw Rhiannon and her family (husband Wilowyn and adopted daughter Meren) at the West Kingdom's Twelfth Night. At that point, it was clear that Rhiannon was having medical problems (she was in a wheelchair), but it seemed that she was recovering. That she was snached away from us so suddenly was a shock to her family and all of us.

Now, my heart goes out to Wilowyn and Meren. These are wonderful people, and good friends. They now have a hole in their family that nothing can fill.

Also, I am sorry for Mistress Seelie. She does not choose apprentices lightly, and Valkyrie feels a special bond between herself and those others that Seelie has chosen. Now, Seelie has lost two of her apprentices in short order, first [livejournal.com profile] lmeyer and now Rhiannon.

The kids know nothing about this. Kjersti is playing away with cheerful abandon. Corwin spent some time dancing and playing guitar in his room. This is how it should be.
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