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Tie-Die family Tie-Die family
Daddy and Kjersti at BayCon 2006 Masquerade.
Kjersti was very, very patient. She was (by far) the youngest entrant in the Masquerade this year, and she played with me very nicely for the hour and a half and more from when we arrived at the greenroom, until we got our chance to walk across the stage and show off our lovely costumes.
Both costumes are originals, made by Valkyrie. My jacket is what I wore to get married, and the dress is something Valkyrie made, just because. Kjersti looked lovely in it, but wouldn't let us show it off that well - by the time this picture was taken, she was very tired, up past her bedtime, and was quite unsure what to think about the crowd of strangers with cameras.
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Kjersti in a Viking hanging dress Kjersti in a Viking hanging dress

Valkyrie made this outfit for Kjersti - and she looks just so darn cute in it. Unfortunatly, the bright pink of her dress got washed out in the flash, and she didn't pose very well, so I couldn't get many shots. Apparently she tried putting the necklace on her head herself, and since her head was bigger than the necklace, it just stayed there.

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