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For my friends who are long term followers of this journal, you may remember a time almost four years ago where I had to raise a couple of computers from the dead. Well, the saga of one of these computers took a new turn today. Specifically, Bocana, which was running on my desk for just under four years, has been turned off.
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So, now there will be only two computers living in my office, and I have some computers I need to sell. Anyone need a MacBook Pro?
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The new MacBook Pro arrived yesterday morning. The rest of the day was spent putzing with it.

So far, I'm very impressed with Rosetta. I've got a few PowerPC only apps that I use constantly (like Mulberry), and they work just fine. Most apps that I use regularly are now Universal, so very few things have to be run in emulation.

Yesterday felt a bit like Christmas, since three other things showed up in the afternoon - new business cards (which I forgot to put a title on), a iGo power adapter for all my small portable stuff, and a Tom Bihn Brain Bag for my laptop. My one reservation about this backpack so far is that it is big. As in maybe too big to stuff under an airplane seat.

This completes the binge of ordering to replace everything stolen.

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This update is somewhat delayed, since where I left things a week ago was that Apple had taken my laptop away to fix it.
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Many things went wrong yesterday:

  1. The hard drive in my laptop went CRASH! I managed to get one last (damaged) backup off of it, which I'm using now.

  2. I decided that the old PC running Windows ME needed to be reinstalled, so it would actually work. It was getting to the point where it could never complete the scandisk process, and also would never shutdown cleanly ...

    However, the dang thing has something flaky in the hardware, so the reinstall wouldn't work either. I tried pulling memory out (under the assumption that the problem might be memory) and it stopped responding. ARGH!

  3. Kjersti shoved a peanut up her nose (again!) This time, we couldn't get it out ourselves, so we took her to the emergency room. No more peanuts for her!

And, to continue my computer-related woes, on Monday I had a battle with my Sun workstation at the house - somehow it decided to stop booting. I managed to fix that by getting a fresh copy of Solaris NV, and patching that OS image. Solaris NV now uses GRUB for booting, and the config was intact.

So, three out of four functioning computers in my office had to have major surgery this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the fourth won't come down with any maladies, as that would be a major pain to recover from.

Today was much better. It was dry(!), warm, and sunny out, and Valkyrie took the kids to the zoo. My computers are mostly limping along ok, and Apple will replace the hard drive in my laptop. The only down note is that Kjersti started throwing up at dinner time.

A footnote: it turns out that we got the peanut out of Kjersti's sinuses without much help from the emergency room doctor. He suggested that Valkyrie perform mouth-to-mouth and blow the peanut out; which Valkyrie did, and Kjersti found this amusing.
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