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My little girl does any number of things which boggles my mind. One of them is that she will adopt as a pet (for a day) a coffee bean.

Valkyrie and I are coffee drinkers. She likes a pot of brewed flavored coffee, I like vanilla lattes. We buy the whole beans, and grind and brew our coffee at home. The Espresso maker is right next to where Kjersti sits at the kitchen table, and for reasons that only make sense in her little girl mind, she started grabbing a coffee bean from the unground coffee. She then would carry it around with her, cluched tightly in her little hand, calling it her 'Baby Coffee Bean'. By the end of the day, it's lost somewhere around the house, or thrown out by one of us - and another day she will demand her baby coffee bean again.

This led into this conversation today:

Valkyrie: Corwin, do you want to go to the playground today?

Kjersti: Me too! And my baby coffee bean!

Why yes, I can see how it would be very important to a Terriffic Two that her Baby Coffee Bean goes the park with her.
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