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This has been a year that I've churned through cell phones.

At the beginning of the year, the only one I carried was the Sony Ericcson T610. I really liked this one - it did the basics just fine, synced with my bluetooth headset with no hassle. Address book syncing worked just fine. The camera wasn't that great, but that's OK. I don't have this phone any more - at some point it started to get flaky on me, so I tried to use the handset insurance I had been paying T-Mobile for.

T-Mobile's handset insurance provider sent me the Samsung SGH-T509. I don't have anything nice to say about the Samsung phone, except well - it took better pictures than the T610. Between what I had to pay to get this phone, and how much I paid T-Mobile over the years for the insurance, I got ripped off big time.

At this point, I had just started my new job, and T-Mobile service at my new office sucked. I picked up the first of my three work phones, the Palm Treo. Which is actually a decent phone, with some decent applications on it - in particular I got to like Google Maps, and how fast the broadband wireless network of Sprint is. Palms being what they are - and this is something like the third or fourth palm phone I've used - I quickly get addicted to using a third party app to record the gas usage of my Miata. Syncing my address book or calendar to this blows, as usual, so I avoid doing that.

Knowing that I wanted to get an iPhone in July, and that Cingular coverage in my new office was good, I decided to switch my personal phone to Cingular. I got the Nokia 6102i phone - it wasn't a free one, but pretty darn cheap. And, I really like it. I still carry it. It reminded me a lot of the T610 - it did the basic cell phone things with little fuss. The camera was decent. The bluetooth support is good. Address book syncs just fine.

When the iPhone shipped, my company said "You can get one for free, but you have to wait until the end of the month. And by the way, you can switch your company-paid phone to Cingular now, get a free phone from them, and switch to the iPhone when you get it." So that's what I did. I got the Motorola L6. It worked. I don't remember anything exceptional about the camera one way or another. Bluetooth handling was sub-par - it always wanted me to confirm pairing with my headset.

Then, I got my iPhone. There's a whole another story around that. But, I have to say, it's by far the best phone of the lot. The mail app works great. Google Maps is great. Web browser is fantastic. I can watch videos on it. Bluetooth handling isn't quite up to the level of stability as the 6102i or the T610, but is better than most. The biggest problem I have is that there isn't enough storage on it to store all my music, photos and videos.

So - over the course of the year, I've gone through 6 phones, three different carriers. I'm still using the Nokia 6102i (as my personal phone) and the iPhone (as my work phone).

Anyone want to take a candy bar phone off my hands? I'm not using the SGH-T509 or the L6. The Treo probably should go back to my boss.
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