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When we have people over to the house, or are talking to people we are meeting in the neighborhood, a question that comes up is just how many cats we have. It's not an easy question to answer, since 'ownership' of a cat is an iffy thing in the first place.

Anyway. Here's a listing of the roster of felines in residence at our house.

Belladonna: Bella is about 7 years old, an all black lady. She's our indoor cat. She spends most of her time blissfully asleep on our bed.

Hobbes: Hobbes is a orange tabby boy. He's about 6 years old. He's our indoor/outdoor cat.

George: George is a gray tabby boy. His age is unknown - he just showed up in our backyard shortly after we moved in, and never left. He's our outdoor/indoor cat. After a while of noticing that nobody else in the neighborhood owned George, we adopted him as our own - which agreed with his notion that we were his people.

Jack: Jack is a black and white boy. Jack isn't ours. But he thinks our house is his. He regularly hides in our garage, eats our cat food, dominates and plays with our cats. Many neighbors seem to think he belongs to us, even though his real owners live two houses up the street from us.

Kitty: Kitty is a light grey tabby boy. I list him here, even though Kitty doesn't seem to like us or let us pet him, because he comes over into our yard a lot, and eats our cat food. His owners live right next door to us.

So, can you see our dilemma in answering "How many cats do you have?" There's three that we consider 'ours'. One more thinks he owns us, so that could make four. One more eats our food, the silly moocher. All the outdoor cats have to compete with the raccoons for food too.
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About a year ago, shortly after we moved into this house, a grey tabby cat moved into our backyard. I think right at first, the cat was a little shy, but warmed up to us very quickly. We started leaving food and water out for the cat - even though all the signs were that this cat had a home somewhere nearby. As time went on, our suspicions that this cat didn't have a home somewhere else grew ... we checked with our neighbors on our street, and the cat didn't belong to anybody here.

Well, last week, I finally printed out a picture of the cat, and checked with the neighbors on the street behind us - checking the houses whose property touch ours in the back. Nobody there knew the cat either.

Our conclusion: this cat doesn't have another family that takes care of it. The cat has decided that we are its family. Therefore, we need to take care of it - provide food, shelter, and take it to the vet. This cat obviously had a family - it was too friendly, too demanding of human attention, and too loving - to have been raised feral.

So we did take it to the vet. And in the process, found out that the cat we thought was a spayed girl (that we called 'Gina') was really a neutered boy.

When the cat originally moved into the back yard, we discussed names. I remember wanting to name it 'George'. I took care of a cat for a few months in college with this name, for my friend Kathleen. Well, since at the time, Valkyrie and I thought the cat was a girl, the name morphed to 'Gina'. It seemed to fit.

So, with the new revelation that Gina was a boy, we changed the name back to George. We now have an outdoor cat that we have adopted - after realizing that he had claimed us for his own anyway.
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Seated at the dinner table.

Corwin: Shee died.

Hippie's and Valkyrie's reactions: 'huh?'. Valkyrie thought Corwin said 'she sighed', referring to Kjersti. But no, that's not what he said.

Hippie: Corwin, who died?

Corwin: Princess.

Hippie: That's right, Princess Shee died.

Corwin: Shee went where?

Valkyrie: Princess Shee went to kitty heaven.

This fits with what Valkyrie has told him, that Princess Shee died and went to heaven.

Scene changes - a little bit later, in the bathroom, getting ready for a bath.

Corwin: Shee died?

Valkyrie: That's right, Princess Shee died and went to kitty heaven.

Corwin: I am sad. I love Princess.

Yes, Corwin, this makes me sad too. You didn't see me crying then, but I am crying now.
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Shortly after noon today, Valkyrie took her first cat, Princess Shee, in to the veterinarian to be euthanized.
Goodbye to Princess Shee )
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