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  • Stash some sunscreen somewhere in the nice convertible. Days when you want to go tooling around with the top down, you are going to get a lot more sun on your face than days with the top up.

  • Also, find some dang do rags to keep your hair back, and keep them stashed in the convertible.

And a related item - three year old girls can and will fall asleep in their car seat, with the top down, and going 65MPH down the freeway.
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Way back in 2004, posted a Trivial fluff post, saying that life was good.

The one and only comment on that entry was my brother, [livejournal.com profile] evannichols, and he said that the next milestone was a Mid-Life Crisis.

Well, I think I've had a first - of possibly many - Mid Life Crises, what with getting RIFed.

And so, I took his advice - and got the red convertable. This is the only picture I've bothered taking so far. I've been very busy.
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Look at what I'm listening to - "The River Sings" from the Amarantine album by Enya.

There is just something about that song that I really like. Tonight, on the way home, I switched to that album when NPR started getting too scratchy. I hit that song and felt compelled to turn it all the way up ... and feel the car vibrate around me.

[livejournal.com profile] digitalsidhe, you are right - my life is da bomb.
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