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Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:27 pm
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My sister Arwen has posted this:
Zane Emerson Foster was born on June 20th at 4:27pm. He lived for about an hour and then went peacefully back to God. We are devastated and also blessed to have had this short time with him that taught us so much about Love. Please continue to send us Love, as it is what kept us going through this most challenging time, and celebrate the love you have in your life.

In talking with her, this unfortunate and painful tragedy was not unexpected. Modern technology has given us the ability to see how a baby is developing before they are born. This told them that the baby was not developing as it should. At birth, it was clear that the brain had not developed, and that the child never would have had a good life. The life was brief, but the child was loved by his parents, and the passing was painless.
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