Jan. 3rd, 2010

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Last night, I read a story to my little girl Kjersti. She said that I could do that, but tonight I had to make up a story for her.

So I did. Here's the story, as best as I can remember. This won't be exactly as I told it to her, maybe cleaned up and told it a bit better.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Kjersti. She lived in a blue castle, in the land of Cameron Park. In her room, there were many pink things.

One of her favorite pink things, was her tricycle. This wasn't just any ordinary tricycle, but a magic tricycle - it could fly! And the princess Kjersti loved to take the tricycle flying around the land of Cameron Park.

One day, while she was flying around, she spotted a dark patch of forest below her. Kjersti was a curious and adventurous princess, so she flew closer to the forest. Once she got close, she spotted something pink on the ground ... and since her favorite color was pink, she just had to land and check it out.

Once on the ground, she found just a pink uniform lying on the ground. This was quite curious, so she bent down and picked it up. This was the smallest uniform she had ever seen - it was for a mouse! She heard a little 'squeak' behind her, and turned around -- and was surprised by an army of mice between her and her tricycle! The mice said: "You are our prisoner and must come with us!"

The army of mice dragged Kjersti and her tricycle off to a cave, and locked her in a cell. There Kjersti sat, sadly hoping for someone to come and help her.

Kjersti didn't know it, but there also was a witch in this forest, who had an army of mice and pigs. This witch had been there for a long time, and had an ongoing feud with the kingdom next to Kjersti's. One brave prince from that kingdom, who was named Jack, was a great hunter. He had gone many times into the forest, and killed some of the pigs of the witch.

This upset the witch, so she laid a trap for Jack - and once she caught him, she turned him into a black and white cat. Jack didn't mind this too much - for he quickly escaped from the witch, and now had great fun roaming around the forest, hunting the mice.

The day Kjersti was captured, Jack was stalking a particularly brave and quick mouse - who took off his bright pink uniform to hide from Jack - and had just caught the mouse, when he heard a little girl crying for help.

Jack was quick on his feet, and followed the mouse army, as they took Kjersti off to the cave. Once they were there, Jack hid outside the cave, and waited patiently. Before long, most of the mice left - leaving only a small squad, with a mouse sergeant and some corporals behind, guarding Kjersti.

Jack carefully snuck into the cave, and hid behind some rocks, until he got into the perfect position. One great POUNCE! and the mouse sergeant is captured, pinned under Jack's paws.

Jack tells the mouse sergeant "Let your prisoner go, or I'll eat you!" the mouse sergeant squeaks "Never!"

While the rest of the squad squeaks in terror, Jack bites the head of the mouse sergeant off, and eats it up. Then Jack growls at the rest of the mice, saying "Let your prisoner go, or you will be next!"

One of the mouse corporals, not wanting to be eaten, opens up the cage and lets Kjersti out. Kjersti is so happy to be freed, that she runs to Jack, and plants a kiss right on the top of Jack's head.

Little did Kjersti know that Jack was really a prince - and that a kiss from a fair maiden was all it would take to break the spell! Jack was as surprised as Kjersti, to suddenly turn back into a human - he had no idea how to break his spell.

Jack and Kjersti realize that the witch must be close by, and now is their opportunity to escape. They grab Kjersti's tricycle, and run out of the cave ... only to find it surrounded by pigs!

Jack bravely says "Stand back, fair maiden, I will protect you!" But Kjersti just says "Grab on!" and jumps on her tricycle, pedaling furiously. A very surprised Jack sees the tricycle start to fly away from him, and makes a giant leap to grab the back axle, just before Kjersti flies away.

Kjersti flys back to her blue castle in Cameron Park, laughing at how scared the prince is below her. She brings him back home to her daddy, and says "Can Jack come play with me again?"

One final note - our neighbor's black and white cat is named Jack. Jack thinks we are his people, and that his favorite person is Kjersti. We tried to keep Jack out of the house, but after five years ... we've pretty much given up. Jack likes to sleep on Kjersti's bed, and was there next to Kjersti and I while I told the story.
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